Charlotte and Shelby, in my absence

Shelby canceled on me.

I was unhappy.

Apparently, Shelby had at least some regrets, as she petitioned for the opportunity to “make it up to me.”

I gave Shelby some instructions. She followed them. To. A. Tee. I would say “good girl,” but the context giving rise to this particular opportunity for compliance precludes such full-throated praise. Suffice it to say, Shelby would have earned a “good girl” had this compliance been produced in virtually any other context.

So anyway – the

6:30-7: drink

7-7:15: make out

7:15-7:45: Shelby models her dresses and panties, touching her pussy over the panties for a minute, and a minute under, in each of the four dresses/panties. Shelby doesn’t come. Charlotte films for me, and presses send on each video as she takes it.

Meanwhile, Charlotte comes once after each change, and Shelby films Charlotte coming. And presses send to me on each one as she takes it.

7:45-8: make out and finger one another

8:8:30: Shelby models skirts and tops and panties, with Charlotte filming and pressing send after each, continuing, as before, with a minute over and a minute under her panties, and Charlotte coming after each change, Shelby filming and sending.

8:30-8:45: bathing suits. I’ll send two photo shoots. Shelby poses. Charlotte shoots. And sends to me.

8:45 onwards: oral. Charlotte is the focus of attention. Shelby’s job is to get Charlotte off as much as possible. And, if and only if, Charlotte wants to get Shelby off, she may.

I expect to be in touch with the ladies by text, at a minimum, throughout. I am hopeful I will be able to join by video for at least a few minutes here and there.

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