Caging Charlotte

“I don’t want to be controlled.”

Charlotte told me this, as I was directing her every move, her cunt dripping. She didn’t mean now. Now, she was very much enjoying being controlled. As she sat, facing me, her legs apart (as requested), fresh from an orgasm, and not far from the next, we discussed the extent of control she was prepared to cede to me, the extent I wanted from her, when we are not together.

“I don’t want to control you,” I told her.

And there was a pause.

“I mean,” I clarified, “I do want to control you. I just don’t feel entitled to. But if I had my druthers, I would keep you in a cage when we’re not together,” I said.

Charlotte laughed. “A cage?!?”

“It could be a big cage,” I said. “I mean, it could even be an apartment. I just want to control your every interaction with the world,” I explained.

I sent her a questionnaire. I asked her to rate, on a scale of one to five – one being “Absolutely not!” and five being “HOT!!!” Two was “Ok”; three, “Maybe”; and four, “Sure!”

The ones she’s definitely on board with are:

  • Only I choose your clothes (“Sounds HOT!”)
  • You secure my permission (which will not be withheld except for reasons having to do with the timing of our dates) for any date (“Sounds HOT!”)
  • You execute one instruction of mine during any date [with another] (“Sounds HOT!”)
  • You allow me to choose one item of your clothing on any date (“Sure!”)
  • You check in with me with audio about sex and feelings immediately before and after any date (“Sure!”) <– Though we should note – this has not, actually, been easy for her thus far
  • You follow our previously established dating rules except with my permission (“Sure!”)
  • You update me proactively and comprehensively, in real time if possible, but no less frequently than daily, about all sexual/dating interactions with other men (“Sure!”)
  • You share with me any photos you share with others (“Sure!”)
  • You create a new email address to which I have access for all dating correspondence (“Sure!”)
  • The moment you conclude a date isn’t a prospective monogamous boyfriend, you tell him about me (“Ok.”)
  • No threesomes, sex parties, or sex clubs without me (“Ok.”)
  • You don’t use your vibrator or wear any clothes I’ve bought you with anyone else (“Ok.”)
  • You come for me immediately prior to any date (“Ok.”)
  • You come for me immediately following any date (“Ok.”)
  • You create a new Google Voice phone number for texting to which I have access (“Ok.”)

And then, the “Maybes”:

  • Leave the key in your necklace home on dates without me (She has a padlock/key necklace. I don’t like the advertisement of availability it represents, with the key dangling from the lock.)
  • You agree to wear a collar I buy you on all dates (She selected these two as possibilities. I told her I preferred the second; she agreed.)

And the “Absolutely nots”:

  • Leave your necklace home on dates without me (She likes her necklace. A lot. And it is nice.)
  • Only I spank you (though she clarified, she would be ok with punishment by spanking being reserved for me)

We also had a discussion about domination by others, generally. She’s on board with my being her only “dom” – she keeps calling me her “dom,” and though I think I’ve reminded her that while I think I’m dominant, I don’t generally call myself a Dom. Because reasons.

So anyway. We have some new rules. And they will evolve. My goal is never to limit Charlotte – except as it relates to her having a relationship similar to the one she has with me. Which she may not do.

Charlotte’s attentitiveness to my needs makes my cock hard.


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