Private links for Sarah and Charlotte

In just over 24 hours, I will have the two of you before me. In the meantime, you may have my writing before you.

ALL the writing that there is that hasn’t yet been posted is here. Some you’ve seen. Some you haven’t.


Before I get to anything else, I proposed a Zoom meeting this evening. You can read my thoughts about it here. The password is “Hyatt.” Now. On to the meat of this document….

First, most important, your packing list. As I said – it continues to be updated. It will be finalized around 4 this afternoon, when it will be posted live on the blog.

Second, going up today (perhaps even by the time you see this), the initial bingo card. At some point, I hope to write another bingo post, incorporating each of your cards – and the second one I wrote (which, Sarah, I’m not sure I shared with you).

Tomorrow, Sarah’s punitive photoshoot post will go up. (Sarah: are there any pictures from that particular spectacular, cock-stiffening set that you sent that you would be comfortable with my adding to the post? If so, please, let me know. If not, no worries.)

Wednesday (the day after all this anticipated hotness will have gone down): “Caging Charlotte” – a post I wrote about my possessiveness of Charlotte’s pretty self, about how I really would like to keep her in a cage.

Thursday – the day on which Sarah will, once again, suck my cock, and on which Charlotte will meet another N, more competition for me 😉 – “Upcoming fun,” something I tossed off as one possible vision/version of our first half hour or so together tomorrow (!).

Friday? Sex. Anticipation. Threesomes. This is another very short thing, in which I described the moment that produced your writing prompts – and my videos of you touching your pussies for me simultaneously. I would like a picture, from each of you, of you touching your pussy, suitable for this post, please, some time before tomorrow. If I don’t get it before tomorrow, I’ll have you take the picture for me in my presence.

Saturday and Sunday: Sarah’s “Don’t be gentle with me,” and Charlotte’s “Watching Sarah and Charlotte.” As I wrote in the previous post, I feel like both of these could be improved. Please – give me thoughts/suggestions. And, much better, and more important: Saturday, Charlotte and I will be having a lovely dinner together and then heading out to a sex party (!).

Next Monday: “One ending that’s not (or maybe is sort of) to be….” About my fantasy about you guys swimming. And showering.

Next Tuesday: “Heinz Ketchup.” About anticipation. Just a tiny little stub of a post.

And then…. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday…. Charlotte’s and Sarah’s bingo cards. And, my second bingo card!

All the links on this page will, I think, expire. But I can refresh them if/when you tell me you’d like me to. In the mean time: FUCK me am I excited.

You have inspired me to write so much, so well. And, I suspect, there’s so much more to come.

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