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Charlotte has had one date with a promising new guy. Like me, he’s non-monogamous. Like me, he’s dominant. Though I’ve struggled with jealousy in the past, generally, and with Charlotte in particular, at the moment, I’m not struggling with jealousy. Rather, I’m struggling with… well, I’m not quite sure how to describe it. In general, I’m supportive of this relationship Charlotte is considering embarking on. The guy sounds nice, fun, hot, and responsible. I’m not interested in standing in the way. And/but… I don’t want to lose what I have with Charlotte. UNLESS it’s to something more monogamous/committed. In that circumstance, I’d be prepared to. But not to a guy who offers something structurally similar to what I offer. That would feel bad.

Now. This guy – let’s call him Mr. A. – has asked if Charlotte will hold off on coming between now and their next date, two days from now. Charlotte would like to say “yes” to this request. And I would like to say “yes” as well. But, subject to a few requirements. Before she says “yes” to his request, I would like a few things from her:

  1. I would like her to have six orgasms for me. To record them. Each separately. And, to set them to “send” using Gmail tonight at 6pm, tomorrow morning, at 6 am, tomorrow evening, at 6 pm, the following morning at 6 am, the following evening at 6 pm, and again, the following evening one hour after the scheduled start of their date.
  2. I would like her to have two orgasms for me and to send them to me, in one recording, now, for inclusion in this post.
  3. I would like to see as every item of clothing is added to, or removed from, her body between now and the date.
  4. I would like to receive an e-mail with a pretty face picture and a voice recording, describing how she’s feeling about the date, and how she’s feeling about me, on her way to the date.
  5. I would like to receive the same as she leaves the date. And, if she hasn’t been in touch during the date – as I expect she likely will not be – I would like this to be the first thing I receive from her after the date.
  6. [And/but: if she is able to be in touch during the date, consistent with the time she wants to be having with Mr. A., I would welcome that.]
  7. Finally… I would like ten additional face pictures, and ten additional pictures of her thighs and cunt, each day – today, tomorrow, and the day after. Including one picture of her thighs and cunt right now, suitable for inclusion in this post.

I suggested to Charlotte that she consider informing Mr. A. of these requirements, or at least of the fact of there being requirements, imposed by me. She expressed a preference not to do so. I respect this.

I think all this will make me feel happy, and safe, as Charlotte embarks on an adventure that I support, but that threatens me, all the same….

Charlotte: if you accept these terms, please respond with that shot of your thighs and cunt, and the two orgasms I asked for, all suitable for addition to this post.

She accepted:

Thank you.

Postscript: in her zeal, Charlotte pressed “send” on an orgasm she had meant to schedule. Whoops! One extra for all of us!

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