The right way to eat oysters

On our last date, Charlotte and I shared some oysters on the half shell. I ate them the way I was taught: I loosened them with my tiny fork, speared them, dipped them in cocktail sauce, and fed them to myself on the fork.

Charlotte loosened them with her tiny fork, picked up the shell, and slurped the oyster into her mouth.
We mocked each other a little. The teasing continued. For weeks. “I’m dining at the Oyster Bar tonight,” I wrote. 

“Eat lots of oysters for me,” she said. “Even though you eat them weird.”

I did a little surfing. Google seems to think she’s correct.

As does Food and Wine. If Google thinks it, I’m inclined to think that’s correct – at least according to Family Feud rules.

But what about the cocktail sauce??? 

And, a postscript: I didn’t let Charlotte come for more than a week. We will see each other soon. But not soon enough. I decided to let her come twice, because she’s been such a good girl. Listen to how fast she comes after all that stopped-up libido!

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