Remittance Girl

This blog has some things in common with The Honest Courtesan – it’s erudite and thoughtful, and features a fair amount of “meta” writing – writing about writing about sex, etc. It’s got a wide variety of things – straight-up erotica, discussions of sex in art and erotica over time, analysis and discussion of writing, and explorations of the whys and wherefores of erotica. Mostly, though, it’s a site for hot, transgressive, erotic fiction.

And, she has a sister blog that’s more explicitly academic (she explores questions such as “the reader’s experience of suspense in erotica,” “why good writers write bad sex,” and “happy endings.” She lives in Southeast Asia, and has the somewhat distanced perspective of a perpetual expat. Always good reading. I highly recommend.



  1. RG’s was THE first blog I ever read, and the first “sex” blog as well, way way back in 2006. She’s fantastic.

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