Orgasms approach…

I initially proposed this:

Either a) you may edge for 20 minutes, followed by coming for 20 minutes. And, within 24 hours, you’ll replicate the previous instruction (5 minutes with 10-second breaks, 60 seconds continuous, 2 minutes with 5-second breaks), along with, after that, another ten minutes of continuous orgasms, or b) you may simply come for me for 25 continuous minutes, and thank me after each orgasm, but with no meaningful breaks. And, commit to 25 minutes of continuous edging in the next 24 hours.

That would have given me everything I’ve asked for – and a little more. Which I want, given that your attention to detail is (perhaps understandably) not what it has been. But I don’t want to torture you too much, and I hear you that the amounts of time feel unmanageable to you. So what about the following:

The page you send me prior to 9 will include all you’ve sent me today, at a minimum.

When I approve it, if I approve it, then, at 9:05, you may come for me for ten minutes. And, you will come for me three more times for ten minutes each in the next, say, 36 hours. (That gets me my thirty minutes of you coming.) In addition, you will also send me three different recordings of you edging for ten minutes in the next 36 hours. The first two, between your three 10-minute orgasm recordings, and the third, after the last one. That means you’re committing to 30 minutes of edging and 30 minutes of coming for me in the next 36 hours.

In addition, ALL of this you will deliver to me by adding each recording to the web page you’ll have made, rather than by these e-mails you’ve been sending.

What do you think?

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