Still more instructions for Charlotte

You are doing phenomenally. I’m loving your excellent but not-quite-perfect performance. We are striving for perfection, but you may rest assured – I very much enjoy your asymptotic approach to perfection. As I said by text – the moment all this becomes too much, or becomes in any way (unpleasantly) unpleasant, please tell me, immediately. At no point should your suffering do anything other than make your cunt wet, aching, throbbing.


1. Again, send me the first 5 photos you take of your thighs and cunt in whatever you are or aren’t wearing.

2. Send me the first 5 face-only selfies you take.

3. For 3-5 minutes (your choice, though for at least 3, and feel free to go over 5), please alternate, 10 seconds vibrator on (and on your clit), 10 seconds off. If you need to take a break sooner than 10 seconds, you may. But you may not take a break LONGER than 10 seconds. And whatever you do, please don’t come.

4. By my reckoning, your 1:20 recording was 2:40 short. Please spend 2:40 taking pictures of all your clothes for me (something you promised several days ago, when your laundry was done). And then? Please spend ANOTHER 2:40 doing that same 10 seconds on/10 off routine. (When you’re making up for something you missed, you always should expect it to be a bit more than it would have been originally. That’s only fair, I’m sure you’ll agree.)

5. Send me all that. Plus, please tell me, in that same email, when I may next have, say, 1 minute of your time.

And before you press “send,” please double-check to be sure you’re sending me everything I ask for. 😉
Thank you. 

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