More instructions for Charlotte

1. Record 1 minute or less for me about your understanding of what happened when you sent me 1:20 instead of 4:00 of edging. Include any thoughts you have about ways we might address that, if appropriate.

2. Send me the first five pictures you take, please, of your thighs, open, and cunt, in what you’re wearing when you read this/start.

3. 1-5 minutes of edging. With your vibrator. Feel free to spend more if you wish.

Send me all that, please, in an email that includes when (specifically or at the latest) I may have my next 3-5 minutes.

I would ask that you not have your next orgasm – whether alone or with a partner* – until:

A) You have executed at least one of these sets of instructions flawlessly. This last one came close: it was nearly flawless in its final delivery (flawless would have been not “tomorrow morning,” but either a) at x:00 tomorrow, or b) no later than y:00 tomorrow”), but never mind the delivery, because we had to jump through hoops and a threat to get there.


B) You do so in the context of the two parts of the request in my “Awkward” post. Beginning with the 2nd part. So, I want you to create a draft web page, title “Queen of Orgasms,” that includes, ideally, all the edging and orgasms you’ve sent me by email since the time that was posted, in the format I specified (but at a minimum, the edging you will send me in response to this post). And share that with me. And when I’ve seen THAT, and it’s perfect? (And assuming you completed this batch of requests perfectly, which I’m sure you will….)

Then, and only then, I will ask you/give you permission to start the 30-minute project you’ve promised me (that I laid out in my post titled “Awkward”) by Wednesday. With one modification you may like: it MAY be that the idea of 15 MORE minutes edging with a vibrator at this point simply feels impossible. If that’s true, you may, if you wish, first give me the 15 minutes of coming as described in “Awkward,” provided that you commit to delivering the 15 minutes of edging no more than 24 hours after you send me your 15 minutes of orgasms.

* I don’t generally feel entitled to ask you to do or not to do anything with anyone other than me. In this instance, though, I’m investing a lot of energy in getting you worked up. I really don’t want that getting disrupted by sex with someone other than me. So. If you have plans that might lead to sex before all this is complete, I want you to tell me, so we can modify things, so that I can be the bestower – and recipient – of the first orgasms that follow this period of torture.

Under no circumstance should any person other than me be the person who grants, or hears, or sees, the first orgasms you have.

Not Charlotte

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