Places there are people who REALLY like reading my blog, currently

China/Xinjiang/Kashgar (Uyghur): There is one person who Google tells me is in Xinjiang, but Woopra thinks is far away, in Kashgar. This person has read nearly 100 posts in 24 hours.

New Hampshire (Keene?) And Idaho (Boise): Someone in each stuck around for about 30 pages in the last day.

Maine (Bangor): Hi there regular visitor!

North Carolina: I’ve got a LONG-STANDING follower near Chapel Hill. We’ve even chatted a bit. Hey there!

UK: Both London (where I lived for 2 years), Seaford, and Manchester, or thereabouts, would each seem to have a big fan of mine there.

Canada: I have a big fan in Alberta (Edmonton) and another in Ontario (Thunder Bay, where I’ve spent a bunch of time).

Nigeria: I have a big fan in Lagos.

Senegal: I’ve got a fan somewhere near Dakar (where I’ve also spent a bunch of time – nanga def!)

Ghana: Hello, Accra!

The Netherlands: someone in a city that baffles the various trackers I use, that comes through as Zzzzzz, has been a steady visitor for months. Hoe gaat het? (My family is Dutch. I’ve spent a bunch of time there, too.)

Australia: somebody in Melbourne – where one of my closest friends is from – has spent a bunch of time here.

Hello everybody, I’m so glad to see you. Hello everybody, I’m so glad to see you. (And now I have THAT in my head.)

Say hi, all of you. I don’t bite. You can use that little chat box at the bottom of the screen. Super easy!

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