The day of the scavenger hunt, continued

You read about the scavenger hunt. But that wasn’t the end of Charlotte’s and my play on that day. After the orgasm that followed her little scavenger hunt, Charlotte asked me, “I’m alone again. Can I come again please?”

“How long will you be alone?”


“Edge for me now. Take yourself close. Don’t come please. I want to hear.”

“What if I [come accidentally]? It’s really easy for me.”

“Please don’t,” I wrote.

“I won’t,” she replied.

“Good girl.”

She was a good girl. She didn’t come. But listen, as she comes close, pauses, comes close again, pauses. As she revs the engine of her vibrator, and as she slows it down. FUCK. That’s hot.

And then, she said to me, “That was. FRUSTRATING.”

She followed shortly with, “Can I please come now?”

“Edge again please,” I replied.

And she did. Again.

This one was quicker. She was closer to the edge. At 28 seconds, she lets out her first sigh. At 37, it ramps up and she has to slow down. At 49 she picks up again, and it sounds like she’s not going to be able to hold off, but she does, for the remaining few seconds.

“Why are you torturing me?” she wrote.

“It’s fun! Are you not having fun?”

“I am. I want to come. Please.”

“Beg me. In your voice. While you’re touching your pussy. Please. (Begging = say ‘I’m begging’)”

Six minutes later, she sent a nine-second clip: “I am begging you to let me come. Please!”

“Ok. Come for me. Now. Fingers only. No vibrator.”

“Fuck. You got me. Can I please use my vibrator? It’s better.”

“Next time,” I said.

Three minutes later, this arrived:

Holy. Fuck. The breathing starts at 23 seconds. And at 32 seconds, it really ramps up. At 40-49, you can hear all that pent-up hunger spilling out of her. It’s just overwhelming. And man, does it make my cock hard.

“Now, while I’m listening, please come again with your vibrator.”

HOLY FUCK. Beginning at about 50 seconds you can hear her gripping her sheets, tossing, bucking, as the vibrator coaxes her to an explosive climax. That’s what she did over and over some nights ago, my head between her thighs, my tongue on her clit, my fingers on, in her.

I need that again.



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