A scavenger hunt – and two orgasms

Some tasks for Charlotte. I sent her the following:

I’ll give you a few easy tasks. Pick and choose by what appeals, what’s easy. In some combination.

You may do any and/or all of these. Or none. I encourage you to read them all, to pick and choose, according to what appeals, what seems fun, what seems hot, what seems possible.

1) Show me your pretty body from head to toe: first your face/hair. Your shoulders/neck. Your breasts. Your thighs/cunt. Your ass. Your legs. Your feet. One photo for each. In whatever you’re wearing, wherever you are.

2) Record your voice for me, talking about your experience of jealousy, for no less than three minutes. Bonus points if you can be touching your pussy while you talk, but not coming.

3) Write the URL to my blog on a piece of paper. Leave it somewhere. Show me photographic evidence.

4) Use my name in a conversation with someone. Tell me about it.

5) Record your voice telling me about your current relationship to dating, apps, etc. Again – bonus points if you’re touching yourself.

6) Record your voice telling me about a memorable sexual encounter. Again – bonus points if you’re touching yourself.

7) Record your voice telling me about something you haven’t done sexually, but would like to. With me. Again – bonus points if you’re touching yourself.

8) Send me a short video of you teasing your cunt.

9) Pick a hot guy you encounter, but don’t know. Describe him to me. Tell me what makes him hot.

10) Pick a hot woman you encounter, but don’t know. Describe her to me. Tell me what makes her hot.

11) Tell me about how you’re conducting your job search. Where you’re looking. Whom you’re speaking with. What you’re applying for (more specifically).

12) In your voice, tell me one thing that you particularly enjoyed from our evening together.

13) Send me random photos of what it is you’re seeing as you go about your day.

14) Know that I’m rubbing my cock, and it’s hard, as I write this list.

15) Send me one or more URLs to porn that makes you wet, that excites you.

16) Pick a post of mine on my blog and comment on it. Could be one about you. Could be one about someone/something else.

[I don’t mean to overwhelm you with requests, but rather, to give you a wide range of choices.]

Charlotte responded: “This feels like a scavenger hunt haha. I like it.”

I said, “Good…. And…. For every three items you complete, you may have one orgasm at a time of your choosing. Subject to my being told you are about to start, and when you are done. (And, of course, my hearing it.)

A little while later, I clarified: the 3-for-1 deal was available only for a few hours; thereafter, it was to be 5-for-1.

Before the time was up, Charlotte – who very much wants to be a good girl – had sent me responses to 5, 11, and 16.

Moments after pressing send on “16,” she asked, “Would you like me to do it now?” Um. Yes.

And so she did.

Holy FUCK. You can almost hear her gripping the sheets.

And then, she sent me a picture of her sleepy eyes, her gorgeous breasts.

Followed by, “Can I do it again?”

I’m very generous.

I said, “Yes.

And so she did.

And then, another spectacular photo of her spectacular face and breasts.

Damn. I’m a lucky man. If only her mouth were on my cock right now….

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