The queen of orgasms

I’m having fun with Charlotte, and we haven’t even met yet. (Though we will, very soon. In fact, one day sooner than originally planned, which alone makes my cock stiffen.)

Early in our back-and-forth, Charlotte offered, “I like tasks.”

Um, that’s pretty cool, because I do too.

As it is, she’s agreed to send me a photo of her thighs, open for me, each day before noon. Here’s today’s:

She’s a little forgetful, as I said in my first post about her. And she hasn’t kept a bunch of promises she’s made me about when she’ll get me what. And/but…. I find myself uncharacteristically tolerant of it. Maybe I’m becoming (even more of) a gentle dom in my fifties.

Recently, I proposed a project to her – conceived with her in mind, and this very forgetfulness/laxness toward deadlines in mind. It’s something I’ve been meaning to do, but have never found the time (and, honestly, never would find the time) to do: reorganize, index, and make more user-friendly – and inclusive – my “Orgasms, orgasms, orgasms” page. In the beginning, I scrupulously added each orgasm a woman sent to me to that page, along with a description of the woman, and the context from which the orgasm emerged. Over time? I slacked off. A lot. There are dozens of really fucking hot orgasms scattered throughout the blog; I have no idea what proportion of them are linked on that page, but it’s, I think, a small number.

So. I wrote to Charlotte:

You said you like tasks. Do you want a non-sexual task that would engage you in the management of my blog? I would find a way to make it sexual, but the task itself is administrative, though it would bring you through a lot of entries on my blog….

Charlotte wrote back, predictably, “What is the task?”

Not so fast. Tell me you’re interested, and THEN I’ll tell you the task. I gave you a bit of an overview. If you say “Yes, I’d like to (try to) do it, what is it?” I’ll tell you. 😉

“I am interested, and would like to try. What is it?” said the GGG Charlotte.

If you look at my “orgasms” page, you’ll see that, once upon a time, I put all the orgasms I collected from women up there. There are a number of readers who fucking love that page (including me). More recently (like, for five or six years, and maybe more), I’ve posted lots of orgasms in the blog, but haven’t put them on that page. I’d sort of like to overhaul/update that page, so it’s a little more user-friendly, and includes every orgasm I’ve ever posted on my blog, ideally with a few words about each woman, if not each orgasm. SO…. it would mean trolling through the blog searching for orgasms, using tags and search terms (audio, orgasm, orgasms, and maybe “mp3”), and indexing them all, in a format I reasonably easily can import into WordPress and make a page of.

And, to make it hot for you (and for me)…

  1. We’re going to make you the queen of orgasms on the blog. You are going to give me one orgasm for each woman you add to the index. Recorded. And we’ll post them all. I suspect that may slow down this project a little.
  2. You’re going to devote 100 percent of your masturbatory orgasms to me until this project is done. In other words, a) you don’t come other than for this project, on your own, and b) you ONLY come when you’ve added a line to the index.

What do you think? Can you say yes to that? Does it feel fun? Hot? [If it doesn’t, then please tell me why, how. And if it does? Well, off to the races….]

Charlotte pleased me with her response: “That is not what I was expecting that sounds so fun!” And then, “I’ll do it!”

Damn, this woman is fun.

I can’t tell you for how long I’ve fantasized about having a hot, cock-sucking assistant in the administration and organization of this blog. And Charlotte seems poised to make that fantasy comes true!

At the time of publication, Charlotte already has had her first orgasm for me in this project (she told me she had added Marina to the index), and is off to the races!

This actually is Charlotte


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