More classified communication

I recently posted Marina’s personal ad, and my response.

After a couple of days, I was fortunate enough to receive this delightful response:

Thank you for expressing your interest and responding to my personal ad. You seem to be exactly what I’m looking for and then some. What you included in your email that offered description beyond what I wanted makes you all the more alluring.

Your blog seems interesting, to say the very least. It certainly adds credibility to your statements having to do with thinking creatively, knowing what you want, and having extensive knowledge of/interest in sexuality.

I hope this photo- which includes my thighs, breasts, but not my face- is to your liking. Actually. I’ll include two. One of my entire body, and one a bit more… suggestive.

Oh, and a “formal relationship” was a strange way of expressing my lack of desire to be a girlfriend or partner as it relates to this ad.

Looking forward to hearing back and exploring potentials.
Happy Friday,