Abandonment on Tinder

I had a series of interactions the other day with a lovely, gorgeous young lady on Tinder.

Very quickly, our chat escalated. She was sending me pictures of her gorgeous body, posed precisely as I requested. In a matter of hours, I was familiarized with every part of her. Not just her breasts, ass, thighs, hips, but her eyes, mouth, hair, her entire face. She seemed without modesty.

Best I can tell, she corresponded with me using her full, real name. And her location.

Our interactions were hot, promising. She promised me lots. And then? She was gone, in an instant. Our Tinder conversation disappeared, and the hourly flow of teasing she’d been sending stopped, without so much as a “Sorry – I changed my mind.” She was just gone.

I hate rejection and abandonment. It affects me in a profound, bodily way.

Just saying.

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