My magic virtual assistant

Once upon a time, I had an assistant. She was college-educated, whip-smart, super-efficient, perfectionistic, dedicated, loyal, and prescient. Sort of like a hyper-professional version of Radar O’Reilly. Because boundaries, I related to her utterly professionally (even though she was, when we met, a super-attractive single woman, and, when we parted, a super-attractive married woman). We worked together for nearly ten years, in multiple contexts – she followed me around a little, and I was grateful. But this assistant, call her M, spoiled me. She took care of anything I needed. When I traveled unexpectedly, she had clothes shipped to me (and did the shopping, well). When I needed flights, or dinner reservations, or to change a dentist’s appointment… she did it all, and expertly.

In recent years, I don’t have an assistant. I sometimes fantasize that I might have a 24/7 submissive assistant who could fulfill some of these functions for me – and at times, V did, L did, Lexy did, and others have done, some or others of them. But none has quite been the assistant M was (although M never sucked my cock, nor did I even allow myself to imagine that)….

Lately, I’ve been wondering about the impending crop of “virtual assistants.” There’s, a sort of “AI” scheduling bot that I don’t really understand (and that’s irrelevant to me). There’s “Fin,” which has great promotional videos, and looks super-promising, but which isn’t yet functional. And there’s Magic, which I’ve been trying out. I’m gonna tell you a little bit about Magic, the only virtual assistant I’ve tried so far.

It’s fucking magic. So here are some things I’ve had it do for me:

  1. I’ve had it book me a (legitimate) massage. (I texted, “Book me a massage at Spa X at one of the following times – [list of 3 times].” Magic responded by asking me to confirm one of the times, and then, booked the massage. And sent me directions. And added it to my Google calendar.
  2. I’ve had it identify a Pilates studio (I texted, “find me a Pilates studio with a beginners/intro class at roughly [X:00 on Tuesday] in [Neighborhood X]”) and book a class. Which it did, and then put it in my Google calendar.
  3. I’ve had it research how to turn this blog into a chronologically ordered PDF or book. And soon, I’ll have it actually do that for me.
  4. And I’ve had it track down some things that I was having a hard time finding (and that, for reasons, I won’t go into too much detail about here).

The rates are totally reasonable (in fact, I would say, unsustainably reasonable – between $15 and $30/hour, depending on the plan). And the service is just great. I text them, and they acknowledge the text, and tell me when I should expect to hear. And then, I hear when they said. If they get something wrong (which they do, because they’re actually human), they learn, and fix.

And they do the things I’m always saying I want submissive women to do: acknowledge my request, and respond either by satisfying it, telling me when they will satisfy it, or explaining apologetically why they can’t, and proposing an alternative.

If you want to try Magic – if you want to text someone and have them schedule your next dentist appointment, or book you a spa treatment, or give you a chart comparing 3 TVs and 3 vendors, or whatever…. I can’t say enough. Use my code, though, so we each get a free hour!!!



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