Meet A

I don’t often write about distant buddies. Sofia, I think, is the only one about whom I’ve written anywhere near extensively (and she’s sui generis).

A is a funny one, unlike anyone else I’ve ever known through this blog or otherwise.

First, biographical details: she’s a senior in college, recently admitted to grad school. A college athlete, and avowedly conservative. Early in our interactions I actually thought she might be Amish. She’s about 5’4″, lustrous brunette hair hanging below her B+ cup breasts (they’re B, but almost C, I’d guess), with a radiant smile that’s sweet and oh-so-innocent.

And innocent she is.

Though she parties at college – I often see Snaps of her drinking with her nearly-as-sexy friends – she never hooks up. Her best friend has a filthy mouth, and seems to be down for just about anything, but A doesn’t, and isn’t. She won’t even type “pussy” in her exchanges with me. She writes it “p….”

She’s anorgasmic. She doesn’t masturbate. She seems fairly alienated from her cunt. But she likes making my cock hard, in a way that she can’t quite articulate, and she likes sending me sexy pictures. She’s an unabashed fan of Fifty Shades of Grey, and is unmoved by my critique of it (that it is both badly written and rape-y). At one point, we were negotiating a potential contract – something she liked the idea of more than the reality – and she rejected my proposed contract in favor of Anastasia’s with Christian. Though, of course, a) she’s not prepared ever to meet, and b) she’s not prepared actually to put in the work that being owned by me actually would require. So what would be the point, really, in a contract?

But she knew that she liked the aspects of that contract that reflected the primacy of Christian’s care for Anastasia (never mind how badly that goes awry in the books). And she knew that she wanted that from me. Even as – as I said – she wasn’t prepared to put in the work.

Well, for a number of weeks she delighted in sending me sexy selfies. Pictures of her pretty face, her perfect tits, her bouncy, tight ass, her thighs, her cunt (almost always in panties, though she liked to send the occasional fully nude one, unbidden by me). She didn’t like when I asked her to touch her pussy for me – it felt “funny,” she said. Or like “nothing.”

I didn’t fantasize that I’d ever change her, that I could possibly transform her pussy from a zone totally distinct from the (mental, it seems) zone of her arousal, but I enjoyed toying around with her, having her touch around the seams of her panties for me, tickling her nipples for me. And it seemed she liked something about it to, though precisely what? I think remains a mystery to both of us.

In any event, the weeks passed, and, inevitably, she grew tired of our game. I asked her for the same things over and over, and she mostly gave them to me, except not so much the things that didn’t please her to give. Her compliance – never perfect – began to slip. And then, finally, she said she was done, that I’d been “great,” but that she was “tired.”

I proposed other arrangements, and she seemed receptive – I think I need to work with her over the long haul to find a relationship between us that works, one that makes my cock hard, and that helps her continue to explore her sexuality in ways that feel safe and fun and exciting. In our current iteration, I’ve offered to write about/for her – witness this post.

I will provide her with a draft of it, for her comment, when she sends me a video of her pretty face saying, “I like making your cock hard.” I will post it, after incorporating any comments or suggestions she has, when she sends me a series of photos of her ass and pussy in three different pairs of panties. And I’ll start my next post about her – in which I will describe the photos she sends, and the video she sends – when she either comments on this post or sends me a short video of her licking and sucking two of her fingers (her choice). Or, alternatively, I’ll begin work on a revised contract, one that reflects the lessons of our first iteration, when she agrees prospectively to send me two photos or one video – as specified by me – every day.

This photo isn’t her sitting on my lap, but it could be….

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