Some more from A

A (remember conservative A, whom I originally thought Amish?) evidently likes when I write about her. She acceded to my request for front and rear pictures of her in three pairs of panties. And that’s not all: she allowed me to share a few of them with you.

First, the photos she didn’t allow me to share:

  1. A close-up of her ass. Round. Full. Meaty. In a black lacy bikini bottom that you’ll see, down below – in two front views (she sent me a bonus shot). Her brunette hair is visible, just barely, at the top of the frame, where it hangs to the small of her back. She’s angled such that her left thigh and ass-cheek consume nearly half of the frame, and are slightly closer to the viewer than her right thigh and cheek, which are a few inches further from the camera. Her right hand lifts her right cheek slightly, exposing a crease between her thigh and her ass, just before the seam of the panties. Her thighs are separated, but only slightly. If I wanted to slide my hand between her thighs (and I do), I would have to turn it sideways, to slide it up vertically. I couldn’t grab a fistful of cunt*. I can’t really emphasize enough how perfect her ass is. But you’ll see. In just a moment.
  2. In a pair of maroon bikini briefs, she reclines on a paisley-patterned blanket or sheet. She lifts her right thigh slightly, and her thighs are apart wide enough that the puff of her pussy is fully evident in her purple panties. In this instance, while I couldn’t fit my open palm between her thighs, I certainly could slide a few fingers between them. Her belly button is pierced, in the upper right quadrant of the screen, a tiny gold stud just above it. Her flesh is creamy, white, unblemished.
  3. In the last shot she didn’t want me to share, A’s panties are a blue g-string, with a white pattern in the upper corners of it, and a little lacy bow just below her navel. Again, she’s on the paisley patterned fabric, but this time, her thighs are open wide, with her right leg tucked up, nearly touching her left thigh. There’s room not just for my full palm in this shot, but for my head. It’s impossible not to imagine breathing hot breath on her pussy through those panties, to imagine sliding a finger under the fabric, pulling it to the side, so I can kiss her cunt underneath. Her right hand rests lightly on the edge of the panties, and on her thigh.

So she didn’t want you to see those photos. But she did say you could see the others, and so, here they are. First, two in the black lacy panties:


You get a feel, here, for her proportions. In the first shot, you can see – I can see – what my view would be were I ever to feast on her cunt. And in the second shot, you get a sense of the way her legs come together at the top. Deliciously. Spaciously. She’s self-conscious about her thighs. I have no idea why. They look pretty perfect to me.

Next up, her maroon panties:

I know, right? I mean, what can I possibly say about this ass that you can’t think for yourself? Not a fucking word. There are no words.

And finally, as if you needed further convincing, her ass in a g-string.

As I said. There simply are no words.

* You see how I avoided “grabbing her pussy” there?

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