Sofia comes for me

Sofia sent me a smoking hot video. We’d been flirting by email, when I suggested she come for me. “I’m at my friend’s house,” she wrote. “I think I have to go home.”

Two hours later I was watching, my dick in my hand, as she executed my refinement of my original suggestion – she came once before removing each item of her clothing, and then, once nude.

By now you’ve seen Sofia’s body. You know she’s slender, curvy, with a meaty ass, small perky breasts, and (have I shown you her?) rich, full lips? Or her big, dark eyes?

Well, she started off in obscenely short denim shorts and a black tank top. She reached down under her shorts and got herself off quickly. Off came the shorts to reveal striped boyshorts. Another orgasm. The tank top came off. Another. The bra. Another. The panties. And still another.

My vantage point shifted throughout – she showed me her ass. She lay on her side. She lay on her back, on her stomach.

There was no end to the hotness.

The whole video clocked in at less than nine minutes. You know? When Sofia and I first were getting to know one another, it routinely took her ten minutes to come once. I’m not sure if it’s a good thing she comes so quickly, so often, now.

What am I saying? Of COURSE it’s a good thing.


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