Listening to your voice

The first time I listened to you, I was not in a position to touch myself properly. But just now, sitting here, in my boxers, my cock in my hands, I listened twice through. How excellent it is to listen to you as you bring yourself close to orgasm.

So this is the question. Should you suck my cock right now?

It will be suboptimal. It will not be comfortable.

And we will not have the opportunity to get to know one another before my cock is in your mouth.

And so the question is, is that how we should proceed?

Or, should we be more patient?

Should we wait until a time when you and I both can get to know one another just a little better?

I’m not sure that’s really a question for you. It’s a question for me. And, I suppose, to the extent that your limits might be implicated, then it is a question for you.

Let’s you and me both think about that. Shall we?

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