Anticipating Tamora

“I can’t wait to feel you in my mouth,” Tamora wrote, in anticipation of an upcoming date. And that makes two of us: I can’t wait to feel myself in her mouth. I seriously can’t.

But her message got me thinking.

My first impulse – not specific to Tamora, but rather, just to that particular combination of words, was, “I’ll bet you say that to all the guys.” Now. That wouldn’t be nice. Particularly not to a woman who just told me she can’t wait to suck my cock. As the old saying goes, a man shouldn’t look a gift cock-sucker in the mouth.

Not my cock Not Tamoras mouth

My second impulse was to wonder why. Not to wonder why Tamora might be excited about the prospect of a cock in her mouth – I get that. No, my question was why me? Not because there’s anything inherently problematic or confusing about desiring me – there’s not. This was more of a generic curiosity: what is it about me that makes Tamora excited for the possibility of my cock in her mouth?

As I said, this is a generic curiosity. It works in every direction, and isn’t, specifically, about me. What is it, I found myself wondering, that makes me particularly excited to have my cock in Tamora’s mouth? There are, of course, the biological and physical specifics of Tamora, her body, her mouth: her mouth is particularly gentle, warm; her body is particularly yielding to my touch, particularly soft. But as with all things sexual, even as I mostly feel desire in the parts of my body below my brain, it arises primarily in my brain. So the question is not, what is it about Tamora’s body that makes my cock hard as I imagine it in her mouth? Instead, the question is, what is it about Tamora – what is it about her, about her voice, her personality, her way of being, our way of being together – that makes my cock snap to attention when I imagine her?

See, now, those are much more interesting questions….

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