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I’m watching “Mr. Robot.” It follows “The Good Wife,” about which I wrote, “Stranger Things,” about which I didn’t, and “The Night Of,” which I don’t think I wrote about. But I might be wrong (and I’m not checking). I’ve had a long night. Several drinks. A lot of stimulation.

These are my thoughts. Unrelated:

  1. I don’t have siblings, and/but I’m struck by the trope of non-incest incest on porn sites. They all feature scenes that purport to show sex between step-siblings, sex between kids and their step-parents. It’s very clear that they’re playing with the incest taboo – the step-sibs refer to one another as “brother” and “sister”; the kids refer to their step-parents as “mom” and “dad.” But the videos always are clear that the people fucking share no blood. What’s this about? If you’re gonna flirt with the taboo, why not just bust it?
  2. If you suck my cock (and I hope you will), after I come, please take your time in letting my cock out of of your mouth. No hurry. And do it gradually. You can’t go slowly enough. Please.
  3. You know what’s a turn-on? The fact that pleasing me turns you on. You know what’s a turn-off? Desperation.

Those are my thoughts for the moment.

That – and this:


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  1. This post makes little sense to me. Loosely following your theme (whatever it might be): I recently watched ‘Gone Girl’ and the relationship that really interested me is Nick and Margo. ‘Twincest’ someone called it in the movie. Even though they have no sex.

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