Samantha Bee interviews the president

I like Samantha Bee. A lot. But I feel for her. Her corporate overlords at TBS are not doing her any favors. She somehow managed to land an interview with Barack Obama, and, try though I might, I can’t watch it. TBS seems to have chopped it up into tiny pieces, each of which (I suppose) they hope will go viral. But. Having done that, it seems there’s no place I can simply watch the interview.

The pieces are on Yahoo, on Cosmo, on various and sundry other sites. But I went to TBS’s web site for the show, and even there, I couldn’t figure out how to just watch the interview. Or how to link you to it. Go ahead. You try and find it.

I don’t know much about media, interwebs, comedy, business models, etc. But that seems like a problem.


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