I’ve been thinking about Daddy Dominant/little girl relationships.

I’ve written before that the term “Daddy” can squick me out. But I’ve also missed out on more than a few otherwise-enticing relationships because of my reticence.

As I generally do when I confront something I don’t like, or don’t understand, or both… I want to explore this. I know, for example, that I have zero interest in incest. It doesn’t turn me on, the taboo works in me as it’s meant to.

I also know, though, that many writers about DD/lg relationships insist there’s nothing to do with incest in these relationships, that it’s all about power, care, and role-playing.

I like power. I like care. And I have no beef with role-playing. So the question is, could I rise to the DD/lg challenge?

The answer isn’t immediately apparent to me, but I’d like to try.


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