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I’ve been writing about “the talk,” and a reader sent me a link to Hersake.com. It seems like their goal is to be a sort of repository for videos of women talking about, and demonstrating, their masturbatory and sexual techniques. It’s explicitly conceived of as educational, not pornographic, and the sample video they’ve posted, though erotic, clearly is more educational/communicative than pornographic. From their “The Cause” page:

The sexual revolution is not over.

The taboo and lack of open conversation about women’s sexual pleasure has had far reaching effects….

That same taboo has kept us from acknowledging that the truth of sexual pleasure is nuanced, varied and, by its nature, very explicit.  We will not let cultural taboo keep us from being truthful.  This means as we share women’s personal narratives in our videos, we’re choosing to include real-life photographic video of real women and their vulvas.

I’ll be curious to watch the project evolve, and to see what they end up featuring.

Ladies, it’s worth noting that they’ll pay you $1,000 a day, for one or two days, plus transportation to San Francisco, plus a “nice hotel.” All just for talking about and demonstrating how you please yourself.

Thanks, loyal reader, for bringing this to my attention. Let’s wish them well.

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  1. Sex should not be a taboo, but the problem is I’m probably the minority, as can be seen from the difficulties I experience in my blogging, the feeling of being persecuted just because of certain contents in my blog.

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