Sofia sends another prompt

I am so very grateful for Sofia. For her pretty body, for her beautiful face, and, of course, for her perfect compliance. She makes my cock hard many mornings, many afternoons, and many evenings.

Some time ago, I suggested she send me a “prompt,” something that would give me something to write about, something that I would have to write about. She came through, you may remember. (If you don’t, click here.)

Well, she’s done it again. In spades. With this short video that feels sooooooooo long – in all the best ways – to watch. To begin with, before the video even starts, there’s the screen grab of her ass in the camera that announces the video in my inbox. Her beautiful, round, full ass, making my cock hard before I press play.

In the very first moment of this little bit of spectacular hotness, you can see her luscious full lips, as she starts her laptop. Lips that it’s so easy to imagine – so hard not to imagine – wrapped around my cock for hours. And then, as she backs up, you begin to get a sense of her body, of her curves. Her tan knees, her long legs and arms, and, as she turns, her round, full, fucking delicious ass. She spreads her thighs for me, bends over, and exposes her ass, her panties, for us. She touches, teases, her thighs, her cunt, and my cock, twitching, aches – aches to slide into her, aches to be in the same room as her.

She knows what this does for me, how much I love to see her touch herself. She hikes the dress up a bit, so we can see her ass more, so we have a clearer view as she rubs her (no doubt hot, wet) pussy. You can almost feel her good feeling as she rocks back and forth, as she moves her fingers more quickly, pressing, rubbing, teasing. And she lifts her feet above the edge of the bed in pleasure, spreads her legs wider, rubs more, faster, bends over deeper, exposing herself more fully for me, for you, as she touches a bit more slowly. And then, she eases back up onto her knees, touches her pussy one more time, turns, teases her breast for just a moment, and reaches forward as she spreads her thighs again, touching herself a bit more, before she crosses her legs and brings the video to a close.


SO fucking hot. (You know what I really am looking forward to? Coming to this video, watching it while I stroke my cock, while I bring myself off to the wish that I could have 3D use of the body she so generously gives me in 2D.)

Thank you, Sofia.

Thank you.

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