Missing Sofia

For reasons, we’ve been a bit less in touch lately. But the other day, she sent me a scorching video, one I don’t have permission to share with you, but which, nonetheless, I feel compelled to tell you about.

It begins with her in a light green tank top and a pink thong, on her bed, in soft lighting. She kneels, facing the camera, and her pretty nipples poke through the soft fabric of the tank top. FUCK. She starts the camera rolling….

She leans on the bed with her left hand, and with her right, she begins at her thigh, and caresses, slowly, up, over her rib, her breast, and then down to her nipple. Both of her hands start moving now, caressing her thighs, in unison. She leans forward toward the camera, again, using her left hand to stabilize herself, and her right hand starts to move toward her pussy.


At this point, my hand is on my cock, through my jeans shorts, and it’s getting hard. I stroke, slowly, slowly, but gripping it firmly.

Sofia teases the inside of her thigh a bit, neglecting her cunt (for now?), but coming closer, and closer, to it. I know her pussy, and I know that it’s wet under those pastel pink panties. My cock is throbbing, and I’m stroking harder, faster.


Her hand travels up, past her pussy, toward her breast. She briefly pauses at her nipple. Is she going to pinch it? I don’t know. I don’t know that I care. I just want to see what she gives me. At this point, whatever she gives me is just fine with me. My cock aches. Seriously. Aches.

I’m just twenty-five seconds into the video at this point, you should know. It’s six minutes long. At about four minutes, the tank top comes off. At five, she reaches under her panties and starts playing with her pussy. At about five and a half, I come, explosively, all over the place.

I really, really like having Sofia to entertain me.

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