Sofia, thematically

Sofia and I, at her suggestion, are experimenting with a new way of interacting.

For years now, I have asked Sofia, almost daily, to share with me images of her spectacular, beautiful, sexy body. “Show me your eyes, please,” I say. “Show me your ass.” “Show me your legs.”

To each of these requests, Sofia has replied with precisely what I’ve asked, invariably both complying perfectly and still, somehow, managing to surprise me with her photography. And her hotness.

I’ve also asked Sofia to complete more challenging, time-consuming assignments.

Lately, though, I’ve been asking Sofia for less, letting her set the pace of our interactions. This is better for her right now, and it’s working well for both of us. Recently, she suggested it might be fun for me, rather than giving her explicit instructions, explicit requests, to give her more leeway, to give her thematic suggestions.

The other night, I said to her that the first theme I’d like to see her explore for me would, ideally, be “rain,” but that, out of respect for her time, and the difficulties such a request might present, I would instead suggest “wet.”

The next morning, I awoke to the news that she had taken sixteen photos for me. Technology delayed my being able to see those photos for about ten torturous minutes, during which my cock was rock-hard in anticipation. I didn’t ask for this delay, but, in retrospect, it was delicious.

When I emerged from my shower, I checked my e-mail to find that the photos had made their way to me. I don’t know how they didn’t burn up the cables and satellites that brought them to me. Damn. A series that began in a white tank top and white panties, and ended nude, it was, she was, spectacular.

I wish I could share them with you, but… Well, no I don’t. As I said to her, they’re so hot I want to keep them to myself.

But her next assignment, I would like to share. I say this having not yet seen her work, having not yet even asked for it. But this go-round, I want her to have in mind as she shoots, as she poses, that the images aren’t just for me, they’re for me to share with the world.

A word on that: I’m not really generous. I don’t want to share them because I want you to see her per se. Rather, I want to share them because I want you to see how fucking lucky I am.

Her next assignment: “Tease.”

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