An assignment

I want you to do some virtual, pretend shopping.

We are going away for a week together. We will be somewhere warm. While we are there, you will be my toy. I will use you when and how I please. I am giving you an infinite budget, and ask that you bring a suitcase chock full of clothes in which to entertain me.

Please send me a curated, annotated, self-contained collection of all the clothing you will buy and bring. By “curated, annotated, self-contained” what I mean is that I want you to send me a single e-mail or document that includes everything you propose to bring, as well as your thoughts about each item. Please don’t make me click links to see what you’re proposing. So, for example, you might caption a particular dress by saying, “I have a fantasy that, in this dress, you will press my back against a wall, lift the dress over your head, and lick my pussy,” and the caption for a bra might be, “I hope to wear this bra with the dress I just described, and to feel you pinch my nipples hard through it, or better yet, under it.”

Please include everything you intend to bring, from head to toe. Hats, if you’re so inclined. Dresses, t-shirts, tops, bras, skirts, jeans, panties, stockings, shoes, bathing suits. Everything.

Thank you, as always.


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  1. As much as I dislike shopping and especially when I’ve been directed to do so, I could see myself enjoying this. Very nice.

      1. … enjoying this type of shopping assignment.

        I think it would be fun to pick out clothes with the idea that “X” will/may happen in this dress, bathing suit, heels, etc… vs. I bought these pants because I think the construction and material will hold up well on a hike.

        Perhaps you are onto something here. Imagine if women shopped for clothes with the mindset of “this dress is perfect because it gives my lover easy access to pussy” instead of “yay, it’s machine washable”. Then again, maybe women already do this and I am just now catching up…

        1. They do, in fact, already do this, but we all get there at our own speeds. I think it is good when it takes a woman a while to come into her inherent sexuality. Young girls in tight clothes, breasts and buts falling out everywhere…it hits a motherly nerve for many of us. lol To look at what you adorn yourself with as just that, accouterments or extensions of your unique sexuality…well, it imbues your swag with a certain confidence men find hard to resist (in general). Even the gay men that I know find the feminine allure fascinating.

          1. Well it has taken the better part of nearly 40 years but yes I am finally coming into my own. lol

            I realize that women do shop to look sexy, I’m not excluded from that. I suppose other than lingerie though I hadn’t put a lot of thought into my clothes and how they themselves could become or even are a piece of the action and not just a look.

            This was insightful, for me anyway.

  2. An assignment I’d love to be given would be something like… sexual pictures from tumblr blogs. Having to explain why I like it, what I like about it. Yeah.

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