Sit back, for just a moment, in a chair, as soon as practical after reading this.  Slide your hand down into your yoga pants, against your cunt.  Press against your clit with your index finger.  Slide your finger down, down, inside you.  (If it needs to be moistened first, lick your finger all around, like an ice cream cone.)

Play with yourself for about a minute – no more.  However feels best, penetrating, vibrating, rubbing lightly, tickling….
When you’re done, I’d like to see two pictures – one of your finger, the one that you slid inside you (if there’s only one – more if it was more).  And one of your crotch, in your yoga pants.  Possibly with your panties exposed just a bit, possibly not.
And I’d like you to respond to this by letting me know when, reasonably, you think you can get this done. 😉
If it helps, my cock is fucking rock hard as I write this.


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