More possibilities

We meet in a hotel bar. The women (you) are instructed to be wearing black dresses and boyshorts. I will collect, via (silent, secret) text/e-mail, any specific requests/concerns after everyone’s met – such as “I don’t want to lick her pussy,” “I want her to lick my pussy,” etc.

And then, I’ll send you upstairs, probably in twos (if there are more than two).

Instructions are to face one another and masturbate, clothed, silently. With the exception of the option of complimenting one another. And I will ask someone (you?) to record it – audio, not video.

I’ll send two of you up. Then two more. And so on, if there are more than two. And I’ll follow last.

I’ll arrange you in a circle. And walk around, kissing and fingering each of you, and maybe removing your panties. Or maybe line you up on a wall, ass facing me, and do a little spanking, fingering, and panty-removing. Maybe then, I’ll have you turn, and resume playing with yourselves, while I lick a pussy or three?

And then, maybe, have you kneel for me? So I can slide my cock into your mouth, one after another?

That would be hot, no?

Do you have suggestions?

(H/t to Kelly for the inspiration for this. And for her excellent ass.)


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