My assignment

Emily knocked the cover off the ball.

She didn’t do precisely what I asked, I should say. She didn’t virtually pack the entire suitcase. There is one pair of shoes, for example. No panties, in her selections. No bras.

And yet… and yet…. A big part of the way in which she knocked the cover off the ball was in form/at. She sent a single e-mail (as I asked), without requiring a single click, but capturing the hotness of what it would be to reach under, say, that little skirt, or that soft green dress. This is a triumph in general, but especially for Emily, who generally eschews e-mail and prefers SnapChat.

One minor point (because I’m filled with minor points, it seems): Emily writes, “Also I wouldn’t need to wear a bra or panties underneath and knowing that, I’m sure, would drive a man wild and have him ready to take it all off at once.” This is not a sentence targeted at me – in two  ways. First, grammatically, it’s not targeted at me: a man? What man? Wasn’t this done for me? Aren’t I the man you’re trying to “drive wild”? And second, if it is me that you’re trying to drive wild… you always should wear panties. I’m just not the guy who’s driven wild by the knowledge that there’s nothing between you and your Calvins. I’m the guy who’s driven wild imagining what it is that’s touching your pussy, what it is that I’m going to press my beard into, my nose into, my mouth into. What it is that I’ll sneak my fingers under, around, before slowly removing it. Or tearing it off. So. There’s that.

But otherwise?

She knocked the cover off the ball.

Don’t you think? I mean, doesn’t this make you want to give her a massage, sliding a finger or three into her wet, wet pussy? Doesn’t it make you want to tear each item of clothing off of her while kissing the back of her neck, grabbing her breasts? (A funny thing about Emily: she talks a sort of gentle game – “slip” my hands, “move towards” her breasts – but that’s not, really, what she wants. She wants me to be rough with her, to toss her around, to grab her breasts, her ass, to tear the clothes she’s selected off of her, to ravish her with my tongue, my cock. But anyway. Where was I?)

Doesn’t it make you want to do that?

It makes me want to. For sure.

See what she sent, after the jump….

What I would pack


unnamed (1)

I would love to wear the pink one but in black, It would be awesome to have a run on the beach and then be able to jump in the pool or shower with you all sweaty and have you slowly rinse and massage me.

unnamed (2)

unnamed (3)

The black romper would be ideal for when you know things are going to get frisky but the best part is you need to take all of it off in order to have any access. Also i wouldn’t need to wear a bra or panties underneath and knowing that im sure would drive a man wild and have him ready to take it all off at once.

The shirt is perfect for a sneak back attack, where you can kiss the back of my neck which really gets me going and be able to slip your hands inside, touch my waist and move towards my breasts.

unnamed (4)

For when I actually feel like being covered up, maybe for a recovery couple hours or something.

unnamed (5)

I’m short, brings me closer to your lips, plus they are cute and hot at the same time.

unnamed (6)[3]

unnamed (7)

for when I feel like looking prude and innocent but later reminding you that I’m not.

Also, easy access.

unnamed (8)

I think the collar bone is such a sexy part of the body and would show it as much as possible. A simple kiss on the neck or back of the neck really turns me on.

unnamed (9)

Another bathing suit that I could wear, also have my ass look full and something that wants to be grabbed.


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