Possibilities to ponder

I’m continuing to elaborate what I’ve been calling my “core fantasy.”

In a bar

Each of us sits apart. The women – none of whom, after all, will have met – will know one another by their black dresses. All will know me. I will enjoy the tension in the room as everyone drinks, sizing one another up, knowing the fun that awaits us all, awkwardly sitting alone. When I can stand it no longer – presumably, after thirty seconds or so – I will send the first woman up to the room, with instructions: lie on the bed, legs spread, touching your pussy, say. Clothed. Or nude. Or in your lingerie.

Or, perhaps: stand facing a wall, hands pressed flat against it, bent at the hips.

Or: get undressed and in the shower.

Or: stand facing a window, legs spread, hands on your hips (or playing with your pussy, or your nipples).

But then what? Should I be the first to follow, so that as each arrives, she can find the action already underway? Should I be the last to follow, so that I can find the action already underway? Should we all proceed together – a gaggle of horny perverts, off to our private sex party?

Or maybe we sit together, at a big table, or at a corner of the bar. And we talk, get to know one another, discuss our hopes and expectations and fears and anxieties, before we proceed, en masse, to a more private setting.

Maybe I send twosomes off to the bathroom to become a bit more acquainted with one another.

Maybe I go off to the bathroom with each of you, one at a time.

Maybe I collect all of your panties in my pocket before leaving.

In a hotel room

Each person has a different arrival time. I, of course, am first to arrive. Each is to arrive precisely at the appointed time – no earlier, no later. In this way, I will have, say, fifteen (or twenty, or thirty, or sixty) minutes of time with my cock in each woman’s mouth, and the same amount on each woman’s cunt. And everyone will get to experience everyone. Of course, the last to arrive will have the least intimate experience. I suppose that’s a downside of this particular configuration.

An alternative would be to call it for, say, 9, and to have people arrive as they do. The most eager ones, say, might arrive at 8:50. The most anxious, at 10. But of course, the price of anxiety, of delay, would be the risk of arriving to a room full of already writhing flesh, rather than to one of small talk and cocktails.

Maybe we all gather together for drinks in the room, and, gradually, I direct the action, so that I’m the last to join, rather than the first.

Maybe it goes differently. Do you have ideas? Suggestions?

I’m all ears….


  1. Like to daydream a lot like you, but these days I seem to fantasize less and less of such matter, maybe it’s sign of aging ! As for you, fantasy is good and can act as a form of therapy, if this is not overdone ! Have a great week ahead!

  2. Meet in a bar in a hotel for drinks. Send each woman up to the room ndividually, with only a minute or two on between. Tell us all to get in various states of undress and masturbate. With strict instructions to not touch each other or cum without you. You come in last.

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