Emily’s anxiety

This is the third in a series on Emily.

She’s young. She’s hot. And it’s unlikely I’ll ever explore the inside of her mouth with my cock.

She’s self-conscious about her “lack of experience,” constantly putting herself down, telling me she’s “bad at fucking,” that I’d be disappointed in her. I’ve told her, I don’t compare. Enthusiasm and interest are, truly, what I crave. “Bring those?” I told her, “and it’s all good.”

On the “bad at fucking” thing, I’m no expert. Truth is, I’m not great at fucking. But I don’t care if a woman is “bad.” Once she’s on my cock, I’ll do what’s best for me. It may not last. It may not be great for her. But I don’t really need that much help.

And on the cock-sucking front…. Emily? Watch some videos. Read what I’ve written on the subject. And when your lips are on my cock, when you’re licking and sucking my frenulum? Just do what I fucking tell you to do. I promise. You can’t control what the inside of your mouth feels like. But you can control – with my help and guidance – your technique. And I have no worries.


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