I want so much more

Recently, I wrote about how I wanted to choke her.

Now, since choking doesn’t seem to be on the imminent agenda, I want images of her body. I want her ass, especially. There’s something about the zone that begins at her navel and stretches down to the middle of her thighs that’s endlessly compelling to me. Front and back.

This is true, of course, of many women. But there’s something about Allie, about how her body works, about how her curves flow, that is particularly astonishing to me.

I don’t know if it’s strategic or not on her part, but she never gives me enough. (It is, of course, true, that I’m insatiable – that I never can get enough. But she doesn’t even push me….)

Push me, Allie. Give me so much that I’m satisfied.

I dare you to try.

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