I’ve been quiet, because I’ve been busy. Sometimes life demands that I put a slightly lower priority on feeding this particular beast, and the last stretch of time has been like that.

Here are a few tidbits of what’s been occupying the parts of my mind I most often write about here:

  1. How amazing my wife is. That is all. (Well, not all, but all for now.)

  2. Different types of women in my life, and the different things that motivate them in their interactions with me. (Attention from me, exhibitionism, visibility here on this blog, feeling special, feeling NOT special, orgasms, the sense of submission, and more.)

  3. The way sex and desire function in my life as a sort of counterweight to/denial of death.

  4. The ebb and flow of desire in my brain, in my cock.

  5. Tinder tropes – things that happen over and over there.

  6. And lots more.

I’ll write more soon. I promise. And to those of you who’ve expressed concern (it’s kinda nice that just a few days of silence elicits concern), thank you. I assure you – life is good. Busy. Complicated. Challenging. Interesting. But good.

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