Stepping out of your comfort zone

I’m listening as you try to make yourself come while talking to me…. I thought I’d live blog it for you.

Your voice is cute. I like hearing you taste your wet finger that you sent me a picture of. And, hearing that you put it back inside.

I like knowing that there’s one finger inside of you, that you’re taking it out, fingering your clit. (Your breathing is very sexy.)

I like hearing you say “pussy.”

You’re whispering. It’s very hot. You’re exhaling a lot. It seems like you do a lot more exhaling than inhaling. (How do you do that?)

Ooh – you’re moving your finger a little faster. You just told me that, but I can hear it in your breathing, too. You’re pressing it against your pussy. Mmmmmmmmm.

(My cock is getting harder as I listen to you.)

You’re so wet. I know, because you just told me. Twice. You’re moving your clit with two fingers, you say? Sliding? Those could be my fingers, you know. You’re putting them inside, pulling them out, putting them inside, pulling them out. Ooh – we thought the same thing at the same time – we both wish they were my fingers.

Your cunt is open? Waiting? For my cock? I wish it didn’t have to wait so fucking long. (I know you wish that too.)

You keep telling me how wet you are. I can almost taste your delicious cunt. You’re rubbing your clit with two fingers, gliding in…. pulling them out, squeezing hard. Damn – I can almost feel your pussy clenching on my fingers. (Wow – there’s still two minutes left! You sound like you’re about to come now.)

Oh my god, is it hot to listen to you fuck yourself with your fingers. Two inside now….

I feel like I’m learning better how to make you come with my fingers listening to you. Oooh – you’re about to come now – you’re rubbing harder – harder – “Oh my God,” you keep saying. But I’m saying it too. I think you say it ten times in a row. More? And then the giggles that always accompany your orgasm take over.

FUCK that was hot. (There weren’t two minutes left before you came. There were two minutes left in the recording. There was only a minute or so before you came.)

You’re shaking? You’re thanking me?

You’re welcome.


  1. You’re the MOST unattractive man I’ve ever met. You should count your blessings that anyone would suck your cock, because you’re wildly unattractive. Seriously lucky anyone would suck your dick.

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