R comes for me

Hearing that you want my words is also pretty hot, you know. I was just waking up and your email post arrived in my inbox and I basically just felt compelled to touch myself and I knew I wanted… actually, needed to share it with you. I often use a bullet vibe but I thought you would want to hear me and not electronics. I wanted you to hear how wet you made me. 

I kept thinking how you always seem to want women to touch and for you to be able to smell it on their fingers. Which I find so sexy. And I wanted to know I was doing something you liked. So I just touched my clit and then moved lower so I could feel how wet I knew I was. And the part where you heard my fingers moving faster was when I gave in and was sliding two fingers inside my pussy over and over. I then moved them under my nose like I would to you so you could know I followed directions. I didn’t quite realize how hot it would feel for me to be touching for you so when I moved back to my clit I just came really fast, and kind of surprisingly. 

I’m also surprised to find myself saying that you can share it if you want, yes. I’m glad you found it hot since I did it for you.

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Listen to her come. It’s delicious.

(This is a woman I don’t know. She’s commented on the blog before, but we’ve had little to no interaction prior to this. She sent me her orgasm, and I asked to know, in words, what was happening. FUCK is this hot.)

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