RIP Tinder? (Or, “Good riddance, Tinder”?)

I feel a bit like a novice surfer just back from a trip to Hawaii: exhausted, overwhelmed. I need a break from surfing.

Over the summer, I discovered Tinder, and the wave of women rapidly crested. There was the Amazon, Luna, the Rockette. There was Rose, and Penelope. There were other women, including not a few who stand ready to suck my cock, but whom I haven’t yet been able to make time for.

And then, a few weeks ago, Tinder booted me. There had been a brief booting just a week or two after I joined, but this time, it seems to be for good (unless someone tells me how to get around their phone verification thing, which I simply can’t seem to do).

So Tinder’s gone.

No more swiping right on hundreds and hundreds of beautiful women, no more idly reminding myself of all the women I might fuck. I’m back to life before Tinder, where the only way I met women is through my blog and, to a lesser extent, through OKCupid. I’ve never, as I’ve written, been one to pick women up. Somehow, that’s a skill/aptitude/interest I never really mastered. I’m good at making small talk with women, but the way my respect for women works, it never feels like a good idea for me to attempt to transition from platonic small talk to sexual banter.

So here I am, with an unprecedently long list of women eager to suck my cock, and… and… I feel a bit overwhelmed, like… I need a break.

I never could have predicted, or imagined, that there’d come a moment when I’d suspend my policy, when I’d feel so overwhelmed that I’d be virtually hiding from the women interested in me. But here I am.

I’ll explore more of this in the coming days, but it’s intriguing to me.


  1. So, what happened to this fantasy of countless women there just for your pleasure?
    Well, enjoy your break I guess, we all need one once in while!

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