Guys being douchebags

I was raised to believe that Playboy oppressed women, objectified women, created unrealistic expectations on the part of men, and was, in general, a force for evil.

That may or may not be true. I don’t know.

But this is funny. And smart. And good.

And I found it here, on Playboy.


  1. I think it’s scary how many men don’t understand the idea of consent…
    And how many are willing to take advantage of a girl.
    I particularly despise the last guy. For a minute I had hope that he was going to step in and tell the other guy to f*** off and actually take her to the bus.
    What I would really want to know though is how long the girl did this and how many men responded that way as opposed to those who actually tried to help and those who didn’t do anything. Because here, we only see the ones who took the hook. But we don’t know what percentage of the male population they were…
    I would also be interested to know how the female part of the population reacted. Judgmental? Helpful? verbally abusive?…

    1. I was wondering all of those things too. There must also have been people thinking, “well, I would, but people are going to judge me for taking advantage, so I won’t”, or “well I would, but what if it’s a trap and she’s out to rob me blind later”? These are all real possibilities.

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