Submit your orgasms

Have you always wanted me to hear you come, but been daunted by the whole requirement that you e-mail it to me, that you’d have to share your e-mail address with me?

Your worries are over! Thanks to the inspiration of Ferns, of the always-fun Domme Chronicles, and with her technical assistance, I now offer you this truly anonymous way to let me (and my readers) hear you come. Or hear you fake your orgasm.

Just use the form below, and let me hear you roar (or whimper, or moan, or sigh, or breathe).

[contact-form-7 id=”6490″ title=”Submit your orgasm”]


  1. Loved the “or faking it”!!
    Now, I’m wondering, why would anyone sending you their orgasm not want to get in touch with you, know whether you liked it or not and so on? And if they really don’t want you to know who they are, they can always create a secret gmail account for the sole purpose of exchanging with you.
    If you have an insight into why someone would want to send you something as intimate as an orgasm audio file and not really share it with you, I’m really interested!

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