Come for me please

I have a backlog of orgasms, it’s true. Several that I’ve promised to post, and haven’t yet found the time to. But I’m hungry. I want more. I want your orgasm. Will you give it to me?

Will you start, please, by telling me how you’re going to make yourself come? How you’ll touch yourself? Where you’ll touch yourself? Will you be watching something? Looking at something? Listening to something? Thinking about something? Visualizing something? What?

Then, I want to hear you. I’m more interested in your breath, your vocalizations, than the sounds of your cunt. I want to be able to imagine I’m looking in your eyes, at your eyes, at your mouth, at your face, as you recede into your own pleasure.

Don’t perform. Don’t give me “phony moans.” Just relax. Take your time (or hurry). Don’t moan at all, if you don’t moan. Don’t sigh, if you don’t sigh. Just breathe. Or do moan. Do sigh. Do scream, if you scream.

You can upload your file for me on my orgasms page. Will you? Please?

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