Another view on faking it

The Amazon sent me this.

… [S]eeing as this is the first time I have recorded an orgasm of mine I felt I should let you know it was very much real. I agree with you in that an orgasm never always sounds the same and it could change given the fact that it is meant for you to listen to…or for you to experience in person.

I sound different if I’m (like you said) having an orgasm with someone sleeping next to me….I sometimes hold my breath while I come….I can come on the subway without even flinching if my legs are crossed and my jeans are tight……(if you were watching…closely… you would see my face flush though) I also think you sound different if being given an orgasm versus giving one to yourself. When I’m being fucked, fingered, or eaten out I don’t even know what I sound like. I imagine pleasured, desperate, frustrated, angry…. all of these things….my breath and face are pleading, begging, concentrating, not concentrating, …you try to control, lose control, lose composure, not give a fuck. So I imagine all those emotions would make a woman moan, plead, curse…..which I do. I also want to signal to you when I’m coming – excite you – make you work harder fuck hard lick hard push….if we’re fucking maybe we can come together – maybe we can’t.

The orgasm I sent you was about average for me pleasuring myself…fyi…I didn’t change anything for your pleasure. It actually didn’t occur to me I just did what you asked me to do.

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