Faking it (Sofia’s take)

There’s an ongoing discussion about whether women who’ve sent me their orgasms were “faking it,” or “performing.” Luna got this conversation started by declining to send me any “phony moaning.” (Thank you, Luna, for starting an interesting discussion.)

You can read my two posts here and here. The discussion has been in the comments on each post. A number of women have written me private e-mails on the subject as well. I may share with you more of them, but for now, here’s Sofia, stating her view:

“I’m perfectly capable of having nearly silent orgasms, and sometimes, they simply happen like this. Other times, more often than the first case, I NEED to be silent, and I can make it happen, but it doesn’t feel so good – it isn’t as satisfying as when I can express my pleasure vocally.

Generally, I’m not loud (I think). I make some noise, and like I said above, it feels good to make a little noise. Not only when I’m with someone, or recording myself for you – it’s just something that I seem to need to do when I’m having pleasure. But surely, when I have an audience, I want to communicate my enjoyment. Well, want is the wrong word. Having a partner in the same room as me, or a camera/recorder on, elicits some sort of need to let whoever is watching me (or participating in the act) know that I’m feeling good.

With a partner in the same room, touching me, this is more intuitive: if they touch a specific part of my body, in a specific way, and it’s making me feel really fucking good, my natural response is to vocalize it, so I can get more of that.

When I’m recording/filming myself, it goes a little differently, but the intuition is more or less the same: When I’m masturbating for you on camera (or making an audio file), I’m usually fantasizing about all the hot things I’d like to be doing with you, if we were in the same room together. Or, I’m just getting off on the sheer hotness of knowing you are (or will be) watching me. In my imagination, you are doing or saying things to me that would make me moan and groan in real life, and it’s natural that I vocalize my pleasure in real life.

Though, as I said before, sometimes I simply don’t. You’ve certainly listened to more than a few of my silent orgasms.

So actually faking it? There’s no place for that in my sex life. There never was. I don’t judge people who do that – I’m not them, I don’t know what drives them to do it – but for me, it simply doesn’t make sense.

Of course that’s just me. And I’m sure there are more ways to look at how this all works, but that’s how I see it (today).”

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