Blog perks #1

Every so often, I get an e-mail like this:

Hi N,

I was going to post this on your blog, but wondered if it was too personal… I have limited experience with D/s relationships, but fantasize constantly. Just read your Jan 6 2013. Inspired me to write.

I want to please you. To obey you. Do as you command. Wear what you desire. I want you to fill my mouth. And I want you to lick me, finger me and fuck me in every way you wish. I want to feel you cumming and I want to cum for you.

The scenes in the bar you write about make me wet. A lot of what you write makes me wet.

I’m aching between my legs now.

We haven’t met yet, but we will.

Meanwhile, this is the sound of Graziella’s orgasm. She came for me.

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