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I received the following in my e-mail the other day:

I recently started a new job I am really involved in. I get to think and experiment with some inserting [sic] people. The other day I found myself alone with this young man I find very attractive. In my eyes he is an important figure in the local puddle… He is married. I know his wife, she is very awesome and sexy. I know they are into exploring some more physical boundaries. You can say we are friends, we talk about stuff like playing around all the time but never acted out. It was just the two of us in the office space. I needed to pee. He suggested I do it in the office space somehow. Make it a part of “work.” Peeing is a ‘thing’ sometimes…. And…. Apparently he likes to hear women while they pee.

I never thought those things are sexy. But suddenly, in that reference, with him, it was a challenge. To give control over my pussy to someone else in a new way. I tried peeing. While he was listening but not looking. I couldn’t do it. I got stage fright. Other people came in shortly and we kept working normally like nothing happened. A few hours later it was just us in the room once again. I still hadn’t gone to the restroom. I was building tension. I kept thinking about his request. I peed for him in the middle of the gallery into a plastic bin. He was there. We recorded it.

People walked in, but the office was closed for the night. It was thrilling for me. A very intimate, surprising experience. I wanted to share it with someone that won’t judge me, so I am telling you. I think that if I was in New York I would explore myself more than what I get to do here. My home town feels too small. All the worlds mixing, same people, everyone knows everything. I like fantasizing about trying stuff out with someone I trust and feel attracted to. Are you sure you don’t have a twin here?

Now, I should say, pee really doesn’t interest or excite me. But when a woman feels compelled to share a fun, exciting, transgressive sexual experience with me? Fuck, I like that.

And even though pee doesn’t excite me, I thought she did a pretty good job of explaining what excited her about this scenario. No?

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  1. I think it’s great that she feels that she can reach out and share what her experience means to her. That’s a sweet gift of trust.
    Nice way to start the new year hearing from one of your readers.

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