Distant buddies – an update

Over the last couple of years, I’ve had a few distant buddies. Some have been more intense than others. Some have been people with whom I’ve exchanged, or from whom I’ve received, photographs. Some have been full-on virtual relationships. And some have been somewhere in between.

Today, there is exactly one person who is far away from me with whom I have a consistent, ongoing relationship. That is Sofia.

I realized recently – thanks to Sofia’s pointing it out to me – that I haven’t really told you all that much about her. I think I imagined she preferred it this way, that she preferred mysteriously lurking in the background of this blog. I’m coming to understand that this was wrong, that she has a little bit of a hunger to be described in public, seen, and for my appreciation of her to be visible to you.

So over the coming days, you will learn a little more about her. You may even see her. But for now, instead of telling you all about her, I thought I’d tell you a little about how we interact, and what I get out of it:

Our relationship has evolved to unfold on two planes. On one plane, we tell one another about our various sexual experiences and encounters. She has more than I do, and more adventurous ones than I do, at least lately. These accounts are usually recorded: she’ll record for me an account of her fucking a married couple, or switching places with a new boyfriend’s roommate’s girlfriend for part of an evening, or meeting a guy for the first time and fucking him. The recorded accounts are five or ten minutes long. Her voice is sweet, sexy. Her accent (Brazilian) insanely, insanely hot. Her English is perfect. (She recently told me of a guy’s taste for something she described perfectly as “humping.”) I do the same for her. (That means, in practice, that she hears most of what you read here before I write it, before I publish it.)

On the other plane, she gets off by giving me what I ask. And as you might imagine, I ask a lot. Photos, movies, recordings. I want to see her – still, in motion. I want to hear her. I want to control her orgasms, her activities, and it seems to please her for me to control her in these ways, to receive her in these ways.

Sofia gives me a lot: there’s the purely erotic: her images, videos, recordings, are hot, and they make my dick hard, they get me off. There’s the intellectual: I really enjoy hearing about her relationship to sex and sexuality and men and women. I like hearing about how her relationships progress, and watching how my envy and jealousy interact with the unfolding of her connections with people. And there’s the emotional: as with any long-term relationship that has emotional intensity to it, I have come to like and care about Sofia.

We’ll almost certainly never meet, which is something close to a tragedy.


Though maybe it’s better that way. She has a tendency to fuck guys once or twice, and not more. And honestly, I’ve gotten, and continue to get, so much pleasure from our interactions that it would feel, truly, a tragedy, to give them all up just for the privilege of fucking her silly once or twice.

But that would be quite a privilege.


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