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Jane’s Guide, a web site that reviews porn sites, blogs, and the like, has a policy: they don’t review sex blogs that are less than a year old.

This makes sense – the vast majority of sex blogs disappear oh-so-quickly, their authors spitting out something they needed to get out, and then moving on. Or simply tiring of blogging. Or whatever.

Over the two years that I’ve been blogging, there are a few that made splashy initial appearances and then, after a period of time, either disappeared or petered out. I was just thinking about one of them – Arsenic and Lace – and I thought I’d take an opportunity to shout out to all those blogs that I remember loving, and now miss.

First, Arsenic and Lace: Their last post was just over six months ago. They only published for five months, and posted a grand total of 39 posts. They were hot, funny, thoughtful, well written posts. I enjoyed reading them, and flirting with Nic and Lace, the authors. We interacted a little, doing a back-and-forth post that was, at least for me, insanely hot. I miss their blog, and them. I had hoped we’d be able to sustain a longer online flirtation, but it was not to be. (If either of you want to continue an offline flirtation, I’m game!)

SomeYoungThing: This was a couple – a 21-year-old couple in a long-distance relationship that spiced up their time together by taking sexy pictures and sharing them with us. They were a flash in the pan – their blog has all of 26 posts over just under two months. Olivia, the female half, briefly promised a return on Twitter, but then she never did. Too bad. Though they are young, these two were super-hot. Here’s hoping Olivia, at least, finds a way to resume posting her naughty bits online.

Jefferson: I’ve written about him before, and he’s controversial. I’ve heard all sorts of unsavory rumors about him that I won’t pass on, but, suffice it to say, people have strong feelings about him. My own view is limited to the one provided by his blog: He is a gifted writer and a compelling sexual presence. I’m sad that he’s abandoned his blog and, worse, allowed it to become all but taken over by porn ads. He only posts very infrequently now, and mainly for the purpose of promoting his various commercial endeavors.

Violet and Rye: another hot 20-something couple. They used to post often, and everything they put up was arty and hot at the same time. In recent months, their blog has devolved into little more than a continual promotion for, a web site that I’ve found frustrating.

Lizzie’s Grey Matters: I really like Lizzie, and “My Dissolute Life” was her idea. I owe her a great debt of gratitude for suggesting it. I’m sorry that she doesn’t seem to post on her blog any more. It was hot, sensual, and different: she posted about food, and clothes, and sex, and her brain, and I miss reading her thoughts.

AbsinthePassion: this was a promising blog that began with a bang, being named “New Voice of the Year” in at least one list of top sex blogs. But in recent months, Mr. AP has basically stopped posting. Too bad. He was fun to read (and one of a very few male voices out there).

HubmansHangout: I don’t know what happened to this blog – another man’s blog, this by a swinging suburbanite. It was fun to read, but now it’s just gone.

There were others – the Australian college student who wrote a blog called “Back on the Whores” or some such – I can’t find it now. The midwestern housewife who wrote about dominance and submission whose blog’s name I can’t recall now. And others.


p align=”left”>I miss them all.


  1. I agree about Violet + Rye – I miss their lengthier (and not so self-promoting) posts. Hubman is a friend of mine and he had a post up for a few days explaining why he was ending the blog. Guess you missed it. He’s still on Twitter, tho.

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