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If you Google “best sex blogs,” you get crap. The number one result is some sort of automated ranking web site that ranked my predecessor blog 77th in their “college” category, and recently informed me that my blog is “inappropriate.” Number two is the “Best of Blogs – 2007.” If there’s anyone out there doing a good, comprehensive job of reviewing and tracking sex blogs, I haven’t found them. Jane’s Guide purports to have a sex blog review section, but it’s a little baffling to me. It’s so incredibly selective – there are a few good reviews there, but very little content actually is covered. And they sent me a draft review of my blog maybe four or five months ago, telling me it would be posted, and as far as I know, it hasn’t gone up.

I would love to find an opinionated, comprehensive review of blogs. Unfortunately, we sex bloggers come and go so quickly – the half-life of a good sex blog is somewhere between six months and two years, best I can tell. So no doubt, the task of keeping up on who’s good, who’s bad, is really hard. One site I recall – it may be Jane’s, but now I can’t find it on their site – deals with this challenge by only listing sex blogs older than a year.

Rori, the founder of “Between My Sheets,” has tallied the top 100 sex blogs since 2008, and is doing so again this year. She’s collecting nominations for this year’s best 100 sex blogs – her deal is, a blog has to have been publishing since January to be eligible. You should definitely go there – I discovered a few great blogs I’d never heard of before surfing through the nominations, and nominated some of my favorites. If you’re a regular reader, you know my tastes, but the blogs I nominated are:

Liza, at Always Each Other (of course). If you are new to my blog, you may not know Liza. While there are a number of special relationships I’ve established with other bloggers, Liza is a true friend – a rarity in life, and in blogging. And on top of that, she writes a really great, thoughtful, hot sex blog about the sex she has with her husband.

Dumb Domme. Not only is her blog hot, and smart, and funny, and fun, she’s a kick-ass designer who gave me my “Frisky Friday” logo. If you’re not reading her blog, you should.

Girl on the Net. Another smart, funny blogger who single-handedly is responsible for my decision to wear a watch.

And Dark Gracie, who was #16 on the list last year, and who writes a super-hot, smart sex blog.

Go – nominate your favorites, and learn about all the hot blogs you’ve been missing!


  1. Aaron over at Red Region Inferno does a “Best of” at the end of every year as well. ( I found him through Rebecca Aammon and Kissin Blue Karen (who I found locally while reading reviews of the preeminent onsite Swingers Club here in Tampa), and through him found the base for my blogroll when I started my own spot back in April.

    I think between Rori and Aaron we may have this place covered. Also, thank you for posting about your nominations. I have, yet again, more reading material to discover! ^_^

    Stay SINful
    Mr. AP

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