Going down

I love eating pussy. There’s little I prefer in the world.

So why is it so hard for me to imagine that someone could really, truly enjoy giving me head as much as I love giving it?

I’ll happily spend hours between a woman’s legs. Literally. Hours.

Back when I was paying for it, I sometimes (often) would pay for two (or even three) hours of nothing but head from one, two, or even three women at a time.

Even though I was paying for it, I only did this with women who (allowed me to believe they) genuinely enjoyed it. I notice, now, in my post-paying-for-it existence, I’m hard-pressed to allow a woman to spend more than ten or fifteen minutes at a stretch with my cock in her face.

Admittedly, two (or even three) hours is a really long time. But fifteen minutes isn’t that long. And I just find it truly incomprehensible that a woman could truly be content to spend an infinitude of time with my her head between my legs.

This is in the category of what some call “pathogenic beliefs,” a belief (no woman possibly could enjoy the act of giving me pleasure for its own sake) that has its origins in my infancy, probably, and serves to explain and/or protect me from some childhood wound.

That’s all for now on this subject….


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  2. Ooooooh, you are wrong, and I know I’m not the only female who thinks this. The play with a body part that responds and reacts right before my eyes, and tongue can be So satisfying. Getting in tune with your body and playing it like an instrument – practice, practice, practice. Hi, by the way, nice meeting you. J

    1. I’m not “wrong.” I mean, I know I’m wrong. The point is that I’m not capable of believing in my heart that I’m wrong, even as I know in my head that I am.

      1. oh, I understood that one – it’s a snag in most everyone’s psyche, no? for sex, and all other kinds of beliefs… making a man believe I truly enjoy giving a blow job is probably one of life’s easier issues to overcome!! Ha!

      1. I couldn’t find a “follow” button on your site – I found you by Elene Sallinger’s post of a note she found. Do you know the best way for wordpress (me) to follow your blog?

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